Key Issues

The SPARC project has four key issues which challenge the development.

Future Internet research demands virtualised ICT resources. The OpenFlow approach provides virtualisation by nature and is, therefore, a good basis for test-beds in the area of network research. Due to the possibility of integration in a number of network devices and the advancements in the area of GMPLS, there will exist an economic way for interconnection of different test-beds enabling large scale experiments.

Carriers migrate to Next Generation Networks with a number of technical challenges ahead. The Split Architecture concept of SPARC will tackle the issues of increasing complexity and define a carrier grade architecture with modular parts. This architecture and its modularity will be open to allow extensions of functions where necessary and facilitating system manufacturers to develop products on top of commoditized hardware.

New players emerge in the Internet landscape and demand more flexible ways of infrastructure sharing. Network services might provide potentials in the increasing complex value network of the Internet, but a sensitive analysis could highlight break points and show potential for Split Architecture approaches.

The current network-centric service production shifts to an IT-based one. Due to the high volumes of equipment being required for the expansion of data centers, we envisage that data center requirements could largely influence the development of telecommunication equipment too – leading to shifting paradigms and new architectures with respect to carrier networks.