Architectural Approach

WP3 Architecture aims to define the Split Architecture based on use cases and requirements proposed in WP2. It focuses two specific areas: Access/Aggregation and Multilayer/Backbone. WP3 analyzes technical issues and evaluate Split Architecture against certain architecture trade-offs. Important topics include but not limited to

  • scalability, e.g. the capability of controllers and the forwarding elements to support the certain number of traffic flows;
  • Openness, i.e. at what level of abstraction do we define different interfaces; modularity & extensibility, e.g. how can additional features be added to both nodes and interfaces without affecting other parts of the system;
  • internetworking & interoperability, e.g. how to inter-connect networks based on the Split Architecture, and how to inter-connect with legacy networks;
  • OAM, i.e, how to provide carrier grade fault monitoring and performance monitoring capability;
  • resiliency (e.g.,how to survive from the failure of controller or the forwarding elements or the links).