Software Defined Networking for Next Generation Internet Components

The SPARC (Split architecture for carrier-grade networks) project aims at implementing a new split in the architecture of Internet components. To better support network design and operation in large-scale networks with millions of customers, high automation and high reliability, the project will investigate splitting the traditionally monolithic IP router architecture into separable forwarding and control elements. The project will implement a prototype of this architecture based on the OpenFlow concept and demonstrate its functions at selected international events with high industry awareness, such as the MPLS World Congress.

The project, if successful, will open the field for new market players by lowering the entry barriers that exist in the complexity of individual components. It will take current OpenFlow and GMPLS technology as starting points and investigate whether and how the combination and extension of the two can improve current network quality and ease migration towards simpler, standardized hardware. Designing a Network Operation System will allow faster deployment of new functionality into existing hardware deployments.

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