Project Structure

The project work is organised in five technical work packages. An additional work package is dedicated to the project management.

  • WP1 ensures efficient project management.
  • WP2 will describe the use cases of Split Architecture and the related carrier requirements at a qualitative level. It provides input for the detailed development of the architecture. WP2 defines and analyses the new business opportunities based on a Split Architecture. 
  • WP3 will define the Split Architecture, taking use cases and requirements of WP2 into account. This work package will analyse technical issues related to the Split Architecture. The architecture will be evaluated using certain architectural trade-offs.
  • WP4 will implement a new OpenFlow controller for carrier grade applications capable of interacting both with an underlying OpenFlow switching data plane and with other OpenFlow controllers and technology domains via a (Generalised) Multiprotocol label switching (G)MPLS control plane. The controller will be structured to have a (G)MPLS capable layer and a “plugin-layer” in charge of the interaction with the switching hardware. The two layers will interwork with each other through specific APIs.
  • WP5 will carry out the functional and performance evaluations of the prototyped components of the Split Architecture.
  • WP6 will give the project results the proper visibility through dissemination actions (e.g. conferences, concertation meetings, standardization) and will manage the international cooperation.

Below you find administrative information about SPARC and the partners in the consortium.